DOT FMCSA Driver Handbook - Spanish

The Driver Alert! Handbook is designed in an easy to read question and answer format and includes easy reference charts.
Delivery date: 3-5 days


The Driver Alert! Handbook is designed in an easy to read question and answer format and includes easy reference charts.

Will help you meet the compliance requirements in the revised DOT 49 CFR Part 40 
and the FMCSA Amended Part 40.

Also Applicable for Mass Transit and Pipeline-differences noted.

New Information on Adulterants, Dilutes, Shy Bladder, MRO's, SAPs and Pre-Employment, Post Accident, and Follow-up Testing

To successfully implement a DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing program the employer is required to educate the employee about the testing rules, types of tests, consequences, and signs and symptoms of alcohol misuse and drug abuse.

If the employee is not informed of the DOT rules and the organization's substance abuse policies the organization is at risk because they are not in DOT compliance and the disciplinary action taken from a positive test can be challenged. It a post accident situation the lack of education of the driver can open the door to a negligence claim.

The Driver Alert! Handbook is designed to help organization's meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) training compliance requirements. Along with this handbook safety-sensitive employees should receive information on the organization's substance abuse policy. The handbook along with your substance abuse policy should cover the DOT education training requirements.


The handbook provides national toll free self-help telephone numbers to meet the minimum DOT requirement assistance requirement. There also is a popular chart that graphs the potential danger signs of alcohol abuse. In the handbook there is a fill-in DOT contact list that includes space for listing the name and contact information for their Designated Employer Representative (DER), collection locations and hours, insurance carrier, union representative (if applicable), and where to get immediate help.

Our handbook is the only one that provides a description of each of the possible test results and necessary employer responses.

Managers and supervisors have many responsibilities cannot be expected to be a DOT expert and quickly answer an employee's questions. With our handbook they do not have to be the expert because handbook is organized in an easy to use question and answer format covering the most commonly asked employee questions. 


Certificate of Training 

Our handbook includes some unique features. The certificate of training will help you meet the DOT training record keeping requirement. It should be signed by both the trainee and the trainer (supervisor, manager), and then torn out of the book and put in the driver's qualification file. This certificate provides both proof of education and what materials were used.