Specimen Collection Services

Network of 8,000 locations

Drug Testing Network has formed a partnership with over 8,000 clinics and specimen collection sites nationwide. These facilities are available for Urine, Hair, or Breath Alcohol collections and conducting physical exams for employment purposes.

Every precaution is taken to maintain the integrity of the collection process. The donor is positively identified as the person who must undergo the test. Next, a precursory check is made to insure that the person to be tested does not introduce means to adulterate the urine specimen. This is done by insuring that no purses, coats, bags or briefcases are allowed inside the collection facility. Once the donor provides the specimen, it is checked for proper temperature. The specimen is then split into two separate containers and sealed in the presence of the donor. A Chain of Custody form is prepared and the Donor and Employer are provided with a copy of the completed Chain of Custody form.

Our staff of trained technicians is sensitive to any donor embarrassment that may arise out of the specimen collection process. Therefore, technicians employed by Drug Testing Network perform their duties with the highest degree of professionalism.

Ø  Provide a Zip code and we’ll find the nearest collection site to the donor

Ø  Collections can be scheduled as early as today

Ø  We also offer ‘Scheduled On-Site Collection Services’


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