24/7 Emergency On-Site Collection Services


DTN provides the convenience of Mobile On-Site Drug and Alcohol testing services. We have certified collectors who can provide around-the-clock drug and alcohol collections for post-accident, reasonable cause, and even pre-scheduled collections (24/7, 365 days a year).

The value of having our technicians respond to your location is that you avoid long wait times at the clinic (up to 2-3hours) and also having to tie up the Supervisor who has to transport and wait there with the employee. However, if you employee needs medical attention, we can also conduct collection at the hospital if permitted.

Drug Testing Network employees a staff of full time, professionally trained technicians who have the experience and knowledge needed to properly comply with all drug testing procedures. Our client services department can provide guidance with any questions or issues that may arise regarding employee drug testing and positive results.  

 "On-Site" Collections-Is it best for your company?


Ø  Lesson exposure to liability by letting us come to you

Ø  Most hospitals are not equipped or certified to conduct DOT Collection procedures


Ø  Avoid LONG WAITS at the hospital

Ø  We can provide Urine Drug, Breath Alcohol, or even Hair Testing

Ø  Average response time 2 Hours from call to completion


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