Slang Terms

ACAPULCO GOLD - a very potent strain of marijuana from Acapulco, Mexico.


ACID HEAD - user of LSD, "Acid Freak"

AIRHEAD - under the influence of marijuana

ALCOHOL - booze, juice, sauce

ALLEY JUICE - very cheap wine, "Grapes"

AMPHETAMINES - speed, crystal, crank, meth, black beauties, bennies, uppers, dexies, 357 magnums

ANGEL DUST - Phencyclidine or PCP

ARTILLERY - equipment for shooting drugs

BACK-UP - permitting blood to back up into a syringe to ensure the needle is in a vein

BAD TRIP - unpleasant LSD experience

BAG - packet of drugs, usually a standard amount for sale

BAG MAN - person who transports money

BALLOON - small amount of contained narcotics

BANG - to inject narcotics

BARBS - Barbiturates; "downers, "reds"

BEAN - capsules for drugs

BEAT - to cheat someone

BENNIES - Benzedrine; "peaches"

BIG C - Cocaine

BIG CHIEF- Mescaline

BIG MAN - supplier of drugs

BINDLE - a small packet of drug powder

BLACK BEAUTIES - Amphetamines

BLACK HOLLIES - Amphetamines

BLACK-OUT - amnesia for events occurring while heavily intoxicated with alcohol, other sedative/hypnotic drugs


BLASTED - high on drugs

BLAZE - Marijuana


BLOW - smoke Marijuana; sniff Cocaine

BLUE DEVILS - Amobarbital

BLUES - Valium

BLUNTS - a cigar slit open and filled with marijuana

BOMBED OUT - very much intoxicated by narcotics

BOMBITA - mixture of Cocaine & Heroin

BONG - a cylindrical water pipe for smoking narcotics, especially Marijuana

BOOST - to steal

BOOZE - alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)

BREAD - money

BRICK - a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of tightly compacted Marijuana or Hashish

BRING DOWN - come off a drug

BROKER - go-between for a drug deal

BUDS - Marijuana

BUMMER - bad experience with drugs

BUNDLE - multiple bags of a drug

BURN - cheated bv a pusher

BURNOUT - heavy user of drugs

BUSTED - arrested on a drug-related charge

BUTTONS - peyote or mushrooms

BUY - purchase drugs

BUZZED - mildly intoxicated

CACTUS - Mescaline or Peyote

CANDY - Barbiturates or Cocaine

CANDYMAN - drug supplier

CAPS - drug capsule

CARTWHEELS - Amphetamines

CHARGED UP - under the influence of drugs

CHASING THE DRAGON - a particular way of inhaling Heroin

CHINA WHITE - a very pure white Heroin

CHIPPING - occasional use of drugs

CHIPPY - person who uses drugs infrequently

CLEAN - drug free; not having drugs in one's possession

COASTING - being high on drugs

COCAINE - crack, coke, booth, blow, railers, snow, ringer, divits, toot, cola, rocks, blast, white dust, ivory flakes, nose candy, mobbeles

COKE BROKE - financially incapacitated from supporting Cocaine habit

COLD TURKEY - sudden withdrawal from drugs

COLOMBO - Marijuana grown in Columbia

COME DOWN - the ending of a drug experience

CONNECT - to purchase drugs

CONNECTION - supplier of drugs

COOKER - usually a spoon or bottle cap used to heat drugs for injection

COP - to obtain drugs

COP-OUT - to evade an issue

CRACK - Cocaine prepared for smoking

CRASH - to sleep off the effects of drugs

CRYSTALS - Methamphetamine

CUT - to adulterate drugs

CUT OUT - to leave from someplace

DAGGA - South African word for Marijuana

DEALER - someone who sells illegal drugs

DECK - a packet of drugs

DEXIES - Dexadrine, or"dex"

DIME BAG - $10 worth of a narcotic

DOLLIES - Methadone

DOPE - a general term for drugs of abuse

DOWNS - depressants such as Barbiturates, Tranquilizers

DRIED OUT - having gone through a withdrawal program for drugs or alcohol

DROP - to take a drugs orally; a place where money or drugs are left

DRUGGIE - a narcotic user or addict


DUST - narcotics in powder form

DUSTING - sprinkling a narcotic powder on another drug such as PCP on Marijuana

DYNAMITE - high quality, potent drugs

EASY SCORE - obtaining drugs without difficulty

EIGHTH - one-eighth of a pound of drugs



FACTORY - place where illicit drugs are prepared for sale

FIX - an injection of drugs

FLAKE -Cocaine

FLASHBACK - recurrence of previous hallucinations 

  FLEA POWDER - poor quality drugs

FLIP OUT - become psychotic or irrational

FLYING - under the influence of drugs

FOOTBALL - Amphetarnine

FREAK OUT - a bad trip; an unexpected reaction to a drug

FREEBASE - smoking Cocaine from a special water pipe

FREEZE - to renege on a drug transaction

FRONT - to put money out before receiving the merchandise

FUZZ - the police

GANJA - the Jamaican word for Marijuana

GET OFF - feel a drug's effects

GET ON - use drugs for the first time

GLUEY - a glue sniffer

GOLD - Marijuana, also called Acapulco

GOODS - drugs

GOOFBALLS - Barbiturates

GRAM - a metric measure of weight

GRASS - Marijuana

GUN - equipment for injecting drugs

HAPPY DUST - Cocaine

HARD STUFF - narcotics

HASH - Marijuana

HAY - Marijuana

HEAD - someone who uses drugs frequently

HEAD SHOP - store specializing in the sale of drug paraphernalia

HEARTS - Dexadrine

HEAVEN - Cocaine

HEAVENLY BLUE - morning glory seeds; a hallucinogen

HEAVY BURNER - a person who smokes a lot of dope, a burnout

HEELED - having plenty of money

HERB - Marijuana

HEROIN - china white, fix, horse, smack, whack, mother pearl, H. junk

HIGH - to be intoxicated on drugs

HIP-HOP - refers to a culture that includes rap music, art, dance, fashion, attitude

HIT- a single dose of drugs


HOLDING - in possession of drugs

HOME GROWN - locally grown Marijuana; local weed; ditch weed

HOOKED - addicted

HOPPED UP - under the influence of drugs

HORSE - Heroin

HOT - wanted by authorities

HOT SHOT - fatal injection of drugs

HUFFER - glue sniffer

HUFFING - inhaling solvents from a bag

HUSTLE - attempt to obtain drug customers

HYPE - narcotic addict

ICE CREAM HABIT - occasional drug use

IN - connected with drug suppliers

ISOMERIZER - used to increase potency of THC in Marijuana

JAG - extended period of using a drug

JIVE - Marijuana

JOINT - a Marijuana cigarette

JOY POPPING - occasional use of drugs

JUICE - Alcohol

JUNK - Heroin, so named because it's never pure when sold on the street

JUNKIE - an opiate addict

KEY- kilogram

KICK - to stop using drugs

KlCKBACK - relapse back into drug usage

KIDDIE DOPE - usually prescription drugs

KIF - North African word for Marijuana

KILLER - strong drug

KILLER WEED - strong Marijuana, or marijuana sprinkled with PCP

KILO - 2.2 Ibs., also "KEY"

KIT - equipment used to inject drugs

LAUGHING GAS - Nitrous Oxide (inhalant)

LEMONADE - poor-quality drugs

LETTUCE - money

LEAPERS - Amphetamines

LID - one ounce or less of Marijuana

LINE - a dose of Cocaine arranged in a line on a smooth surface

LOAD - a large quantity of drugs

LOADED - high on drugs or alcohol

LOCKER ROOM - Butyl Nitrate (inhalant)

LSD - acid, microdots, purple haze, blotters, fry, blaze, tab, dose, gel, pyramid, trips

LUDES - Methaqualone; Quaaludes, Valium

MAINLINE - inject a drug directly into a vein, to "shoot up"

MAINLINER - a person who injects directly into the vein

MAN - police

MANICURE - remove seeds from marijuana

MARIJUANA - buds, bhang, dope, goof butt, grass, hash, hay, hemp, herb, jive, pot, rope, stinkweed, stuff, tea, weed, wacky tobaccky, whack,

MARY JANE - Marijuana

MARIJUANA CIGARETTE - bone, doobie, joint, J, reefer, spiff

MATCHBOX - measurement for a small amount of Marijuana

MESCALINE - mess, crystal

MEET - buyer and seller get together


METHADONE - junk, Burdock, jungle juice

MICRODOT - a tablet containing LSD

MISS EMMA - Morphine

MONKEY - drug dependency; a kilogram of a narcotic

MULE - a carrier of drugs

MUNCHIES - the hunger that follows after using Marijuana

MUSHROOMS - magic mushrooms, shrooms, mushies

NAILED - arrested

NARC - narcotic agent

NEEDLE FREAK - a person who prefers to take drugs with a needle

NICKEL BAG - a $5 bag of drugs

NORML - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws; lobbies for lenient drug laws

NUGGET - Marijuana


  O.D. - overdosed on drugs

ON - under the influence of a drug

ON A TRIP - under the influence of drugs

ON ICE - in jail

ON THE NOD - under the influence of narcotics or depressants

OUT OF IT - under the influence of drugs

O.Z. - one ounce

PAKALOLO - Hawaiian term for Marijuana

PANAMA GOLD, RED - potent Marijuana grown in Panama

PANIC - drugs not available

PAPERS - rolling papers, used to make marijuana or tobacco cigarettes

PARAPHERNALIA - accessories used to take drugs

PCP - (Phencyclidine) angel dust, kools sherms, high, wet daddies, dust, juice


PEPSI HABIT - occasional use of drugs

PEANUTS - Barbiturates

PEYOTE - hallucinogenic cactus, buttons

PICKUP - purchase drugs

PIECE - usually one ounce of drugs

PINKS - Second (Barbiturate)

PLANT - a hiding place for drugs

POPPERS - Amyl Nitrate capsules (inhalant)

POT - Marijuana

POT HEAD - Marijuana user

POWER HITTER - a device (often plastic) used to deliver a blast of Marijuana smoke to the lungs

QUACK - doctor

RAINBOWS - Barbiturate

RAP - to talk with someone; or charged with a crime

RED DEVILS - Seconal (Barbiturate)

REEFER - Marijuana

RIG - the paraphernalia for injecting drugs

RIDING THE WAVE - under the influence of drugs

RIPPED OFF- robbed

ROACH - the stub of a Marijuana cigarette

ROACH CLIP - any tweezers-like device used to hold a Marijuana cigarette stub that is too short to hold in the- fingers

RUSH - an intense surge of pleasure; Butyl Nitrate inhalant

SAUCE - alcohol

SCAT - Heroin

SCHOOL BOY - Codeine

SCORE - to locate and purchase a quantity of drugs

SCRIPT WRITER - a Doctor willing to write a prescription for faked symptoms

SET UP - to arrange to have a person arrested for drugs; combination of uppers and downers (Barbiturates and.Amphetamines)

SHOOTING GALLERY - place where addicts inject drugs

SHOOT UP - to inject intravenously

SHOTGUN - a way of smoking Marijuana, by blowing smoke back through the joint into another's mouth

SINSEMILLA OR SINS - a potent type of Marijuana without seeds grown in Northern California

SKIN POPPING - to inject a drug under the skin

SMACK- Heroin

SNAPPERS - Amyl Nitrate capsules (inhalant)

SNORT - to inhale Cocaine through the nostrils

SNOW - Cocaine

SNOW BIRD - dependent on Cocaine

SPACE CADET - habitual user of Marijuana

SPACED OUT - under the influence of drugs

SPACED - unresponsive to surroundings

SPEED - Amphetamines

SPEEDBALL - a mixture of Cocaine and Heroin; "Bombita"

SPEED FREAK - person who repeatedly takes Amphetamines, usually intravenously

SPIKE - needle used to inject drugs

SPOONS - paraphernalia associated with Cocaine, often worn as jewelry

STAR DUST - Cocaine

STASH - a place where drugs are hidden

STEP ON - to dilute drugs

STICK - a Marijuana cigarette STIMULANTS - pep pills

STONED - under the influence of drugs

STRAIGHT - not using drugs

STRUNG OUT - heavily addicted to drugs

STUFF- drugs

SUPERMAN - LSD blotter with Superman imprint

TASTE - a small sample of drugs

TEA - Marijuana

THAI STICKS - Marijuana laced with Opium

TOBACCO - butt, chew, weed, cig,

TOKE - inhaling Marijuana or Hashish smoke

TOLLEY - or toluene; a cheap, extremely harmful paint solvent (inhalant)

TOOT - to sniff Cocaine

TOOTER - small, hollow tube (straw-like) to sniff Cocaine

TO PARTY - refers to having a good time using alcohol and other drugs

TRACKS - a row of needle marks on the skin

TRAP - a hiding place for drugs

TRIP - under the influence of drugs

TURF - a location where drugs are sold

TURKEY - a substitute sold as a specific drug

TURNED ON - introduced to drugs, or under the influence of drugs

TWEEZES -a wild variety of psilocybin mushrooms (hallucinogen)

UNCLE - Federal Agents

UPPERS - Stimulants, Amphetamines

VALIUM - ludes, drunk pills, v's blues


WASTED - intoxicated, strung out

WEED - Marijuana

WHITE - Cocaine


WIRED - addicted to Amphetamines or Heroin

WORKS - equipment for injecting drugs

YELLOW JACKETS - Nembutal, Barbiturate

YEN - a strong craving

ZIGZAG - a brand of rolling papers used to make Marijuana cigarettes

ZOMBIE - heavy user of drugs

ZONKED - extremely high on drugs